VSP’s Web Terminal gives volunteers access to their schedules 24/7, even from a smartphone. Each volunteer is automatically assigned a username and temporary password to log in to the Web Terminal. If volunteers enroll using VSP’s online Enrollment Forms, they’ll receive an automatic email with their login information when their enrollment form has been processed. If you’ve imported or manually entered volunteers, you’ll send them an email using a preconfigured template in the Emailer pane of the program to give your volunteers their usernames and temporary passwords so they can log in initially.

The Web Terminal includes five customizable tabs that contain different content and information for your volunteers. These tabs will be discussed at length in the next section. Each tab is edited and controlled by the administrator through the Web Terminal pane of VSP.

Some of the content in the tabs on the Web Terminal is controlled by Tokens. Tokens are special fields, enclosed in curly braces, which display personalized information specific to the volunteer viewing the token. They can be used in the Emailer and on the tabs of the Web Terminal. Some examples of tokens include:
{{ScheduledShifts}} – list of the volunteer’s upcoming shifts
{{AllAvailablePositions}} – list of available positions in upcoming shifts
{{FullName}} – volunteer’s full name
{{WebTerminalUsername}} – volunteer’s username to log in to the Web Terminal

For more information on tokens and token options, please refer to Appendix A – Guide to Tokens.