Web Forms are created whenever a volunteer makes a change online – giving you the ability to keep tabs on when and what was changed. These Web Forms are generated when a volunteer signs up for VSP using an Enrollment Form, requests to fill an Assignment, submits a Swap Request, Swap Accept, or Trade, or submits changes to their My Profile tab. At this time, a Web Form is created and sent to the Web Forms pane. As describe in the Web Terminal settings sections, each of these form types can be set to be automatically processed (meaning that their contents will automatically go live in the system when they are created) or manually processed (meaning an administrator must process them before they will go live in the system). By clicking on the form in the Web Forms pane, you can see the content of the request.

Show all unprocessed forms
When selected, forms that have not yet been processed will appear. Forms must be processed to update the information in the system. You will only have unprocessed forms if you have any form types set to manually process.

Process Form
This will cause the selected form(s) to be processed, updating the information within the system to reflect the Web Form request. Forms that are automatically processed do not require this step.

Discard Form…
This will discard the selected form(s). This is a permanent measure and cannot be undone. Once a form is discarded, it cannot be viewed again and any information it contained must be submitted again and processed for it to take effect.

Show all processed forms
When selected, all of the processed forms will appear, allowing you to track changes that were made.

Other filter | specify…
Allows you to sort for Web Forms based on any of the Filter window qualifications. See Appendix B – Guide to Filtering for more information on filters.

Select all
Selects all Web Forms displayed on the screen. (Often used in conjunction with Export.)

Edit Volunteer
Targets the volunteer of the selected Web Form and allows you to edit their profile. This is very helpful if a note is submitted that needs to be manually translated into a profile change.

Send email
Allows you to email a specific volunteer who has submitted a form. This is very helpful in the event that a request is denied or if you need more information to process the request. If you send an email from the Web Forms pane, the contents of the Web Form selected will be appended into the email body.

View related position
When viewing an Assignment or Swap Request form, selecting this button will take you to the position in the open schedule.

Login as…
Allows you to log in to the Web Terminal as the volunteer of the selected Web Form.

Allows you to Export the Web Forms as a saved document on your computer. Since all Web Forms are automatically deleted after one month, this can help you keep track of prior Web Forms.

Only show changes
When checked, Web Forms will only show the updated information. When not checked, Web Forms will show all information and new information will appear in blue, whereas old information will appear in black.