There are two ways to text message from within VSP. Before sending text messages, you need to activate your texting account.

If you have not already done so, log in to the Client Login page and click on “SMS account” at the top. Here you can activate text messaging for your subscription, set up payment methods, and download message history. Text messages cost an extra $0.02 per message sent and received through the program.

Text Blasts

To send a blast text message, put the message in the email body section of the Emailer. We recommend keeping these short and sweet since one text message is only 160 characters! For this reason, we also highly recommend previewing the message to make sure any tokens you use does not exceed this character count.

Once you are ready to send the text, click Send and then select “Send as text message.”

Automatic Text Reminders

Additionally, you can set up automatic text reminders to go out a set number of hours before a volunteer’s scheduled shift. To set up automatic text message reminders, see the Web Terminal chapter.