This job (subdivision) may be scheduled in combo with…
Use this setting to specify that this job (or the selected subdivision) may be performed by a person already scheduled at the same shift in a different job or subdivision. By default, the same person cannot fill two roles at one shift, but checking this box will allow you to adjust that setting to allow volunteers to serve in both positions “Never,” “Only when needed,” “Whenever possible,” or “Always.” (The differences between the last 3 options will only affect you when using the auto-scheduler.)

Schedule this job (subdivision) autonomously
This setting is applicable only if you are using VSP’s auto-scheduler to fill your positions. It affects the schedule load of volunteers who are qualified in this and other jobs. By default, VSP will schedule volunteers more in the jobs that need them the most and less in the jobs that need them the least. However, by checking this box, you can specify that VSP even out the distribution of hours in this job between every volunteer who is qualified in this job.

Schedule this job (subdivision) in one week blocks
This setting tells VSP to schedule the same volunteer in this job at all of your weekly shifts for the entire week. You can also choose other block options from the drop down menu.

Never split up family members in this job (subdivision)
This setting is only applicable if you are using VSP’s auto-scheduler to fill your positions. It tells VSP to ensure that when two or more members of the same Family Grouping are qualified to serve in this job or subdivision, they will always be scheduled together when they are scheduled in this job or subdivision. This option does not affect the way family members are scheduled in any other job. Note that if a Family Grouping contains more volunteers than there are positions in the job at a weekly service time, the number of required positions for a shift may be expanded to accommodate the family.

Roster code
This field can be used in rosters to indicate which volunteers are qualified for which jobs using a “short hand” notation.