Before you create a schedule, you need to set up VSP with some basic information about the activities you are scheduling. This section will give you an overview of how to set up your jobs and enter or import your volunteers.

When first opening VSP, you will be directed to the Quick Start Guide. This will walk you through the steps to set up VSP. Here is an overview of those steps:

Enter your jobs

The first step to getting started with VSP is to specify the jobs you will be scheduling. A job is any task or role that is performed by your volunteers at any of your shifts. For each shift, you will be able to specify how many volunteers in each job should be scheduled. It is important to enter your jobs first since the information you enter about your jobs is used when configuring the rest of the program.

Create your schedule

After you’ve entered all your jobs, it is time to create a schedule. Click on the Schedules pane on the left side of VSP’s main screen and enter the start and end dates for a schedule. A window will open that contains a blank schedule spanning the date range you specified. Create your shifts and save the schedule.

Add your volunteers

Now that the schedule is saved, it’s time to get your volunteers into the database. There are three ways to do so:

  1. Import existing volunteers’ contact information from a .csv (Excel) or .txt file. Alternatively, VSP can sync with some external management software.
  2. Email your organization’s enrollment form to a list of contacts. As people enroll, they are added as a volunteer to the database.
  3. Enter your volunteers’ information manually one volunteer at a time.

Schedule your volunteers

Once you have created your schedule and imported/entered volunteers, you are ready to start scheduling volunteers.