Once you have configured VSP with your jobs and volunteers, you are ready to create your first schedule. Although there are many ways to fill your schedule, creating your schedule will start the same way every time in this pane.

Create a New Schedule

Use this area to create a new schedule. Only one schedule may be created for a given time period. This acts as your “master schedule” and will include all of the shifts, jobs, and locations during this time period. Later, you will be able to create customized posts of this schedule online for your volunteers, that can separate out your master schedule into separate posts by Job, event, or month (to name a few examples).

Start Date and End Date
When creating a new schedule, set the start and end date for the new schedule. You can type in the date of your choosing or use the calendar icon with the drop down arrow to choose your date from a calendar window.

After setting the schedule dates, click Create to generate a new schedule. If you have any recurring shifts, preassignments, or rotating teams set up, these will be pre-populated when the schedule is created.

Saved Schedules

Once you create and save a schedule, it will be displayed in this list. From here you can:

Open schedule
Select a schedule in the list and then select to open the schedule.

Rename schedule
Select a schedule in the list then select to rename the schedule.

Delete schedule
Select a schedule in the list then select to delete a schedule. A warning box will appear and give you the option to save a backup copy locally to your computer.

Make schedule Live
Select a schedule in the list then select to make the schedule live. A live schedule will make assignments and associated Live Schedule Posts visible to volunteers on the Web Terminal.