To print the schedule, go to the File menu and select “Export Schedule…”

Export Schedule options

Please refer to the section on Live Schedule Posts for details on the options available.

Layout Options

The differences when exporting the schedule include the layout options for Mailing labels and Sign in sheets, which are noted below.

  • Mailing labels containing scheduled shift for each volunteer
    Prints on standard sized mailing labels.
  • Sign in sheets with one page for each shift

After choosing your settings, click “Export Schedule.” Save the file to your computer where you will be able to find it. One you save the file, it will automatically open and you will be able to edit, print, or send it to volunteers as needed.

Document Settings

The differences when exporting a schedule include choosing the type of document, which includes:

  • Microsoft Word document (*.rtf)
  • Web page (*.html)
  • Microsoft Excel Spread Sheet (*.csv)
  • Plain text (*.txt)

A video tutorial of this topic is also available.