If you have a document that contains a list of volunteers (such as a volunteer roster), you can use the “Import Volunteers…” feature to automatically import this information. Information available for import includes name, phone number, cell number, address, email address, and free-form comments.

Follow these steps to import volunteers from a roster:

  1. Compile information about your volunteers into a “clean text” (.txt) or “comma separated value” (.csv) format, which VSP can read and understand.
  2. You will want a separate .txt or .csv file for each job you will be scheduling. This way, as you import the spreadsheet, you can tell VSP to qualify everyone on that spreadsheet for a certain job. If a volunteer is qualified for multiple jobs, you can put them in each job file for which they are qualified. As long as their name is spelled exactly the same in each file, they will appear as one person with multiple qualifications in the program.
  3. Once your spreadsheets are ready, go to VSP’s File menu and choose “Import Volunteers…”
  4. The following window will appear:

Available Fields
Select the fields you will be importing by clicking on them in the “Available fields” column and clicking the “Add>>” button to move them to “Fields to import.” You may need to check the “Show all options” box to find all the fields needed.

Fields to Import
Drag and drop the fields in the “Fields to import” column to order them exactly as they appear in your spreadsheet. Be sure you have exactly the same number of fields in “Fields to import” as columns on your spreadsheet, and that they are in the exact same order. If there are any columns in your spreadsheet that you are not importing, use the “Filler Column” field so that your column numbers still match, but the data from that column will not be pulled.

Job Qualifications
Select the job qualification(s) that should be given to everyone on this spreadsheet.

Import Options
Choose whether you want to “Import new volunteers and update existing volunteers” or only update existing volunteers in VSP.

When you are done, click “Import…” and volunteers will be imported.

A video tutorial covering this topic is also available.