When you create a new job or edit an existing one, you will see the “Edit Job…” window (pictured below). Setting up your jobs can be as basic as naming the job and clicking OK. There are numerous settings in the “Edit Job…” window that control how the job is scheduled. Note that many of these settings may not be applicable for your organization. All the settings in the window are covered in detail below.

The name of your job as it will appear throughout VSP and to the volunteers online.

Job Head
This field is used to hold the name and contact info for the head of this job. The information entered into this field will be displayed next to the job name in Rosters. Note that this is not tied to Shift Leaders.

You can create subdivisions of jobs in VSP to get more specific about the roles volunteers will be performing. Click the “New…” button to create a new subdivision, and give the subdivision a name. The Internal Name is the way the subdivision appears within VSP to administrators, and the Schedule Label is the way it appears on printed schedules and to volunteers online. You can also leave the Schedule Label blank if you just want the main job name to appear on printed schedules and on the Web Terminal. Subdivisions work exactly like jobs in VSP – you can specify who is qualified in a subdivision, specify scheduling settings by subdivision, and declare how many volunteers are needed from a subdivision at a given shift. If you create subdivisions for a job, note that the following settings will be managed separately for each subdivision. Simply click on the subdivision in the box to adjust the settings for that subdivision.

Qualified volunteers
This is a list of volunteers qualified in the job or selected subdivision. It will be empty if you have not yet entered any volunteers. This list is linked to volunteers’ profiles, such that when a volunteer is added to the Qualified volunteers list in this screen, this job is added to their Qualified jobs list in their profile, and vice versa. Click the “Add…” button to add volunteers as qualified in this job or subdivision, or click on a volunteer’s name and click “Remove” to remove them from this job or subdivision.

Qualify new volunteers for this job (subdivision) by default
Check this box if you want new volunteers to be automatically qualified for this job when they are added to the database. Note that checking this box does not automatically qualify existing volunteers in this job – only new volunteers added in the future.

Automatically number or label positions in schedules
Check this box if you want positions in this job to be numbered sequentially or labeled according to another system on the schedules. Once this option is selected, a new window will open and you can select whether to automatically number positions sequentially or define a custom label for each position.

Edit description (show in online enrollment form)…
You can give each job a description, which will appear on the enrollment form that new volunteers fill out to begin volunteering at your organization.

Show more options for this job (subdivision)…
Clicking this will show more (less frequently used) options for the job, as detailed in Show more options for this job (subdivision)….

Bind together all subdivision qualifications
Checking this box means that all volunteers qualified for this job will be automatically qualified in all subdivisions within the job. If the box is checked, you will not be able to manage who is qualified for each individual subdivision any longer.

Use titles to qualify volunteers in this job…

This setting is only applicable if you are using VSP’s auto-scheduler to fill your positions. Titles are another way to distinguish between types of volunteers within a job. Unlike subdivisions, each volunteer can have only one title in a job. Once you have set up titles, you can control how the scheduler places volunteers based on their title. For more information on how to set title rules for a shift, please visit the chapter on creating shifts.

Keep assignments in this job (subdivision) private
This setting allows you to specify that the assignments in this job should by default not be included on exported and online schedules. Only volunteers qualified in this job or subdivision will see the assignments in this job on the online schedule.