What is a Shift Leader?

Shift Leaders are volunteers who have been given certain, limited administrator privileges. When they log into the Web Terminal online, they will have access to an Admin tab, which allows them to manage schedules, set attendance flags, send emails, request subs on behalf of the volunteers in their designated jobs, edit volunteer profiles, and post notes to shifts online for volunteers to see.

A Shift Leader’s group of “managed volunteers” consists of any volunteers who belong to at least one of the leader’s managed jobs and whose shift preferences indicate that they can be scheduled for at least one of the leader’s managed shifts. Shift Leaders can only send emails to their managed volunteers.

The ability to declare a Shift Leader is housed in your Web Terminal Settings.

The Admin tab for Shift Leaders

Once a volunteer has been declared a Shift Leader, when they log into the Web Terminal they will see an additional “Admin” tab. In that tab, they will see controls on the left for Schedule, Volunteers (where volunteer profiles can be edited), and Announcements (where emails and text messages can be sent).

A video tutorial for this topic is also available.


The first thing a Shift Leader will see when clicking on the Admin tab is the schedule for the upcoming months. Shift Leaders can see schedules that are saved but not yet live and can make changes before they go live.

Calendar View
At the left hand side of the pane is a 3 month calendar view. To move to further months, use the arrows to the left and right of the month at the top.

Day View
If a day is selected on in the calendar on the left, shifts for the selected day will appear on the right. The selected day will be outlined in blue on the calendar view. From here, you can:

  • Fill an empty position by clicking on the position, then clicking the pencil icon.
  • Replace a volunteer by clicking on the name of the volunteer you wish to replace in the schedule, then clicking the pencil icon.
  • Click on the flag icon next to a volunteer’s name to flag the volunteer as sub requested, set an attendance tracking flag or clear the current flag.
  • Click the X to the far right of a position to remove the volunteer and/or position.
  • Click “Add a position” in upper right corner of each service time to add new volunteer positions.

Shift View

When a Shift Leader clicks on a shift title in the Day View, they will be brought to the Shift View, where they can add notes and comments for volunteers to see.

Add Note
Notes can be set to appear to specific jobs or shifts, or to all volunteers at all shifts. Notes can be added to only one specific shift, all shifts in a week, all similar shifts, or every shift. Additionally, notes can be limited so only volunteers in specific jobs see the note.

Write a comment…
At the bottom of the list of volunteers is an area to write comments. Unlike Notes, Comments allow volunteers to reply and view each other’s responses. Comments will be visible to any volunteer who clicks to look at this shift in the Web Terminal. If you are a Shift Leader, you will get emails with any added comments, as will any volunteer who has already commented on that shift.


The Volunteers pane can be used by Shift Leaders to edit the profiles of volunteers in their ministries.


Use the Search field to search for a specific volunteer. Additionally, you can click on “Only show volunteers that pass | this filter…” to only show volunteers who pass a specific filter. Click on the words “this filter…” to open the filter editing window.

Volunteer Profiles

Click on a volunteer’s name to open their volunteer profile. There are three different sections to volunteer profiles:

  • General Info
    This is where Shift Leaders can update volunteers’ phone and cell numbers, addresses, and email addresses, as well as add comments and make changes to their automatic email and text message reminder settings and sub request notification settings.
  • Custom Fields
    If your organization keeps track of any custom fields, such as training dates or T-shirt sizes, this is where Shift Leaders can make changes to those fields.
  • Scheduling
    Here, Shift Leaders can edit their volunteers’ qualified jobs, shift preferences, preferred frequency of scheduling, and unavailable dates / times.


The Announcements pane can be used to send customizable emails or text messages to any volunteer who is one of the Ministry Leader’s managed volunteers. To send an email or text message lick on the “Compose” button in the upper right corner of this pane, then select either “Email” or “Text”.

Send to:

Choose the recipients of this email or text message from the options of:

  • All my jobs
    Email or text will send to all of this Shift Leader’s managed volunteers. This is the default option. To refine the list of recipients, click on the “x” next to “All my jobs” to remove this option, which will allow access to a drop-down list of the Shift Leader’s jobs.
  • Only specific jobs
    Email will send to only volunteers in the job or jobs selected. To see a drop-down list of the Shift Leader’s managed jobs, after removing the “All my jobs” default option from the “send to” field, click on this field again and a drop-down list of jobs will appear.
  • Only specific volunteers
    Email will send to only the specified volunteers. To select a volunteer begin typing their name in the send to field and a drop-down list of matching volunteers will appear.

Additionally, you can choose:

  • But only send to volunteers who pass | this filter…
    Will only send to volunteers passing a filter specified by the Shift Leader. Click on the words “this filter…” to open the filter editing window.
  • Don’t send to inactive volunteers
    Will not send to any volunteer in the system who is marked as inactive.


Type a subject for your email


When clicking here, a list of tokens will be available for use. Tokens are placed into an email so that each recipient will receive their own information filled in the place of the token, making emails easily customized to each volunteer. See the Appendix A – Guide to Tokens for more information on tokens.

Stylizing options

These options allow you to change the font/style of the email text, add numbered or bulleted lists, change the indent or alignment, and add a horizontal line or hyperlink to the email being sent.


Clicking Preview will bring you to Token Options, which will allow you to set specific parameters for your tokens. Once through the Token Options, you will see a list of the recipients of the email. When a name is selected from the list, the information for that individual will populate in the email so you can check to see what the email will look like when that specific volunteer receives it. You must preview an email before sending it.


Hitting send will send the email to all of the volunteers who are set to receive it, as listed in the Preview.