Unison as an Alternative to Facebook Groups

Want to create a free, online group, but not sure if Facebook is the best fit? Unison is a great alternative. It’s a free tool that you can use to organize and communicate with any number of people for any length of time.

Streamlined group creation

One of Unison’s best features is that you can create a group without having to ask your group members to sign up for a new service. Your members can openly interact with the group without ever creating an account. All you’ll need from them is either an email address or cell phone number, and they can fully participate in the group without having to do a single thing to sign up!

More privacy

Unison does not require members to provide their names, birthdays, or other personal identifiers. All that’s needed to add a member is either an email address or a cell phone number. Additionally, Unison does not use your personal data for advertising or targeting purposes. It doesn’t track member interests, relationships, or show content from untrusted sources.

Tools for organizing

In Unison, you have many tools at your disposal to facilitate group organizing. Action items give you the ability to create custom forms in cards to collect information you need for various group organizing situations. You can conduct polls, request documents, check for completed tasks, and request RSVPs. Unison will also send out automatic reminders to those who don’t complete action items by a certain due date, so you don’t have to waste valuable time following up with individual group members.

No additional downloads

Group members don’t have to take up space on their computers or cell phones to communicate in Unison. Since Unison is a web-based, responsive platform, it works great from any device with internet access.

It’s free to sign up, so give it a try. Sign up today to enjoy all the possibilities of group communication.