January Updates

Threaded emails

Do you have a lot of people in your groups? Are you worried about too many email messages pouring through? Have no fear, my friend! We’ve got great news for you, and its name is threaded emails!

To kick off 2018, our developers created a way to limit the number of emails members receive by allowing emails to be saved as threads. Cards and messages will now be grouped together for those using email providers that allow for threads (e.g., Gmail). For anyone who wants even more customizable options for their emails, they can now choose to turn off individual notifications in their member profile.

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 2.27.08 PM.png

Phone numbers

We also added the ability for admins to import member phone numbers in addition to email addresses. This is a foundational step to roll out a heavily requested feature — SMS messaging! Keep your eye out for updates about texting through Unison in the coming weeks! This will be yet another way to get messages close to your group members; quite literally putting information in the palm of their hands!

Add photos

And if you have photos to share, you can now drag and drop them in a Card. Keeping all those great memories in one place is now super easy, so add those pics to your Cards today. Let members scroll through them at their leisure!

We’re just getting started creating tools to help you with group communication! This year promises to be packed with awesome updates and features for Unison, and our ears are on the ground to create the product our users want. We want to hear what you need, so send us suggestions for features you’d like to see added, and we’ll get back with you about the possibilities!