How to Set Up Your Group in Just 5 Minutes

You did it! You took the first step and opened up a Unison account. Now you’re ready to start communicating with your group members. Although it may feel daunting to get started, the good news is that you’re only a few simple steps away from sending your first message!

Not sure how to do it? Well, look no further. We’ll walk you through step-by-step and show how you can get your group members added and your first message sent in just five minutes. Ready? Let’s go.

First, go to your group board to add your members. There are two ways to do it. The first way is to click on the “Add members to this group” link on the group board.

Add Members for Group Communication.png

Another way is to click the plus sign at the top right of your group’s board.

Add Members.png

You have a few methods to choose from when adding your group members into Unison. Pick the option that works best for you. You can manually add members' emails or cell phone numbers by typing them in or copying and pasting them into the “Add members” box.

Manually Add.png

Alternatively, you can choose to “import members from a file." If you have a CSV or XLS file with the group members’ first names, last names, and either their email addresses or phone numbers in separate columns, you’ll be able to drag and drop them right in. (Note: each member must have either an email address or phone number in order to be added. And you can always add both!)

Import members.png

Your members are now added. You’re almost there! Next, create a card to start communicating with your group members. On the group board, choose “New Card” to send a friendly welcome message.

New Card for Group Communication.png

Type your group members a quick “hello” and then click “Post & Send” to send the message out to everyone in the group.

A quick hello.png

That’s it! Your members were added and your first message was sent! Your group members will receive your message in their email inboxes or as a text message, depending on how you added them in Unison. They don’t need to register for an account to get your messages! It’s that simple and easy.

And now congratulations are in order! You just took the first steps to streamlining your group communication and organization. Job well done!