How to Personalize Group Communication with Preferences

Unison is full of great group communication options. Do you ever find yourself wishing you could decide whether to hear from your group via text or email? Great news! You can adjust your notification preferences in Unison with ease. It only takes a few moments!

First, when you go into your group, find the group list on the left.

Group Communication Notification Preferences .png

Each group has its own settings, so be sure to update your preferences for each of the groups you’re a part of. To begin, hover the cursor over a group name until you see three dots appear on the right.

Group Communication Notification Preferences 2.png

Click the dots and you’ll see a drop down menu. Choose “Notification Preferences” from the menu to go to the preferences view.

The preferences view is a pop up screen that will allow you to determine how you want to hear from your group. By clicking on the icons, you can decide to get updates by email (envelope icon) or text (cell phone icon) or both!

Group Communication Notification Preferences.png

The conversations happening in your group are important! Never miss a new message or update. Just adjust your notification preferences to ensure you get the information you want in the way that works best for you.