How to Keep Group Communication Organized

Do you have a hard time finding the exact information you need? With lots of chatter in your group and cards, action items, dates, and places getting sent back and forth, there’s plenty to manage. But there are easy ways to find exactly what you need within seconds.

With Unison, you can quickly locate your desired data using the Projections view. Projections allow you to search for different types of data, rather than a specific keyword or phrase, making it easy to generate a list of pending action items or look at all of the photos posted in your group.

Not sure how to use this feature? Then this post is for you.

When you’re in your group’s board, you can see the Projections view tab on the top right.

Projections View for Group Organizing.png

Click on the pyramid icon to the right of the Search field and you’ll see a drop down menu of Projection options to choose from.

Projections View for Group Organizing and Group Communication.png

How to view Projections

The Calendar Projection will give you a month’s view of events scheduled for the group. Use the arrow buttons at the top of the calendar to scroll through different months.

How to view your Group Calendar.png

Click on any of the calendar items to see the related card and get more information about what’s going on that day.

If you choose the Map Projection, you’ll see a map of all the locations posted in your group.

How to view your Group Map.png

Click on any of the location pins and the card will show up as an overlay in the window. You’ll see all the card details surrounding that location point.

How to view your Group Card.png

Even better, you can interact with cards within any Projections view. Want to sign up for something? You can do it right there in Projections. Need to leave a comment or ask a question? You can add that to a card in the Projections view as well.

The Documents Projection will allow you to see a list of all documents posted in the group. Just click the document in the card and the document will open in a new tab for easy viewing.

How to view your Group Documents.png

The Photo Projection allows you to see all the photos added by group leaders.

How to view your Group Photos.png

The “My action items” Projection allows you to see any pending or past due actions you need to complete.

How to view your Group Action Items.png

Use the Projections view to enjoy group communication and stop worrying about how to find the items you need. Instead, sort by data type and quickly view entire cards using Unison's Projections. Keep your group's communication organized and on track!