How to Get Group Members Engaged

One of the hardest aspects of group communication and organizing is keeping everyone engaged. People are busy and torn in a million directions. With competing time commitments and differing levels of interest and investment, it can be hard to keep everyone excited and involved. But reaching out to unengaged group members doesn’t have to feel pushy or intrusive. In fact, finding ways to show you care can be a fun challenge that ultimately brings everyone closer together.

Here are three ways to get your more passive members engaged:

1. Ask them for feedback in a poll

The poll feature is a tool that can be used to gather information, provide helpful insights, or just have some fun. Utilize it for anything from finding out the best times to meet and prefered discussion topics, to asking for birthday months, favorite pets, or everyone’s go-to comfort foods.

2. Send a personalized message

In Unison, you can see when group members don’t respond to polls, RSVPs, or action items. Use this great team communication feature to quickly send the less engaged group members a quick, personalized note to let them know you care. You can do it right from Unison! Write something as simple as, “Hey, I know you’re busy, but your feedback is really important to me. If you have a minute, could you please email me your preferences, and I’ll be sure to add them to the list.” It doesn’t take much to make people feel heard.

3. Encourage introductions

Get everyone to share facts about themselves to encourage quick connections. There are tons of ways to do this in Unison. You can have members post introductions to the group board, collect them in registration forms and then compile them into one card, or create fun polls with get-to-know-you questions that everyone can answer. Allow people to share parts of themselves and enjoy learning facts about others to improve group cohesion and engagement.

Finding ways to communicate and connect with your group members, even those who are less involved, is important. Engaged members are necessary to create a lively, thriving group that everyone will enjoy. Utilize the tools and features in Unison to ensure no one feels left out.