Group Organizing Made Simple: Introducing Public Groups

It’s a central concept: get the right people in the right groups so your organization can run smoothly.

Easier said than done. In today’s digital age, it’s not just about giving people the right labels or having the proper folks around a table; you must also ensure everyone has easy online access to the group members and information they need to keep things moving along. This is a challenge.

Another tangle in the web of group organizing is making sure everyone is aware of public groups while keeping invitation-only groups away from the public eye.

These common group organizing challenges are exactly why Unison’s developers have been hard at work creating the public and private group feature that solves these riddles for churches, organizations, and groups of any size!

Just this week, our software developers released the ability to create public groups. Now, when you create groups in your organization, you can choose to make them public or private. Two organizational challenges eliminated with one simple feature!

For groups where all are welcome, set them up using the default “public” option. This is a great choice for situations like a churchwide prayer group or an organizational “water cooler” page.

All you have to do is leave the “This group can be viewed and joined by invitation only” option unchecked when setting up the group. When you leave it unchecked, anyone added to your organization can choose to join the public group. No waiting. No approval needed. When everyone is welcome, anyone can join.


One way Unison helps you advertise public groups is by automatically including them as part of your registration flow. When you create a registration page, members can select which public groups they want to be a part of. When members select a group, they're automatically added. This means zero extra work for group leaders!


But when you need a group to include only certain people, all you need to do is click the check mark you skipped before: “This group can be viewed and joined by invitation only.”

The magic of this feature lies in the fact that when you add people to your organization, they won’t be able to see your private groups. As a result, no one can request to join private groups. Instead, administrators and group leaders choose which group members to add to private groups.

Group members will only be able to see a group in two situations: if it’s public or if a group leader has added them to a private group. Once someone has been added to a private group, they can immediately begin interacting on the group board.


This one simple feature simultaneously addresses two needs: the need to promote public groups and the need to keep others closed and private. All this with just the simple check of a box!

Set up public and private groups for your organization to streamline group communication. Promote the groups you want everyone to know about while keeping other groups discreetly off the public’s radar. Unison’s public and private groups ensure your organization has everyone in the right place with the right information at hand.