Group Communication Amplified

We’re on a mission to amplify people’s ability to connect and organize people. With every update and every feature added to Unison, we’re guided by the needs and requests of our users. Unison’s latest release reflects a total redesign and gives group organizers a powerful tool for group communication. Take a look at what’s possible.

*Reach your members *
We have simplified cards in Unison and replaced them with announcements, making it easier for you to email or text members of your group. And since text messages have a 98 percent open rate, you can send information with more confidence that it’ll be seen.

Only have email addresses for some members and mobile numbers for others? No problem. Now you can reach everyone at the same time with the same message. Easily preview who will receive your announcement and see who is being contacted by email or by text.

Recipients list copy.png

Communicate effectively
No need for long email chains to gather information — just add action items into the body of any email announcement. Need to know who’s coming? Add an RSVP. You can also include important information, such as dates, locations, and times in the body of your emails.

Make the most of rich text by adding font colors, underlining, italics, and more. Compose your email exactly as needed.

Unison Announcement copy.png

As before, when you need to see who’s completed an action item, that information is just a few clicks away.

See who has read emails copy.png

*Create custom fields *
Track whatever information you need for your group with Custom Fields. Need to collect t-shirt sizes or training dates? Now you can! Both free and paid plans can enjoy this powerful new feature with no limits to the number of Custom Fields you can create.

Custom Fields copy.png

Utilize powerful filters
Apply powerful filters to your announcements. Send announcements to just certain members based on whatever criteria you define, including custom fields, default data, or subgroups, available with the Organization plan. Only the recipients will be able to view your announcement on the board, streamlining your group communication efforts.

filters 2 copy.png

*Manage communication *
Now you can decide if, when, and how members reply. Want to create an announcement only group? Just disable member comments so you can ensure your emails and texts aren’t drowned out by all the noise.

Disable member comments copy.png

Want to allow comments, but not reply-alls? Just disable reply-all when composing an announcement to keep the replies and ongoing conversation private.

Reply-alls copy.png

Bringing people together is one of the most powerful and important work we can do, and it’s our goal to support that work in the best way possible.

Want to learn more? Take a look at how Unison works. If you want a better way to connect and organize people, get your group in Unison for free today. Unison is free to use for individuals to connect and organize up to 50 people. With the Organization Plan, the benefits of Unison can be brought to more people, along with powerful tools, like subgroups, text-to-join, and online registration forms. Give it a try!