Engage Your Community with Registration Forms

Looking to grow your community?

With Unison's registration forms, make joining a group easy for everyone!

Step 1: Set up your form

Creating a registration form is easy for you; filling one out is easy for your group members. In five minutes or less, you can gather an individual's contact information, answers to custom questions, and even allow them to sign up for other groups in the organization.

Step 2: Engage group members

Once someone registers and joins your group and any public groups within the organization, they’ll begin getting updates right away.

No more long emails to get new members caught up and engaged; jumping in to the conversation will come naturally as they read posts and see discussions going on in real time.

If they need more information, members can search older posts easily with Projections or the search bar.

Note: You can share your registration form with your entire community, even if you’ve already added or imported some people into Unison. Unison will recognize the emails and phone numbers of any members that are already in the system and their existing profiles will simply be updated.