5 Reasons Your Group Members Will Love Using Unison

Looking for a way to ensure your group members feel valued and connected? This can be challenging in a world of chaotic communication methods and increased concerns regarding privacy. But with Unison, bringing everyone together is easy. Unison was built to make group communication a joy rather than a chore.

Here are five reasons your group members will love using Unison:

1. Members will have information at their fingertips

Trying to sift through various kinds of communication channels to find information can be frustrating at best and time consuming at worst. Unison was created to avoid this pain point by making information easily accessible to all group members. Members can run a quick search or use projections to find exactly what they need in no time at all.

2. Members can share important moments

Remember that awesome meetup your group enjoyed? Your group members can share their favorite moments of it with each other in a place where everyone can contribute. From favorite recipes to memorable quotes, Unison makes it easy for your members to stay connected and share pieces of their lives.

3. Members won’t have to sacrifice their privacy

Although many of us have jumped on the social media bandwagon, others would prefer not to or have chosen to leave it altogether. Groups that require members to sign up for public accounts often put people in an uncomfortable place of wanting to be a part of the group but not wishing to give up their privacy. Unison lets your members have both. Members don’t have to create an account to be involved in the group or stay in the loop about important information. More options and individual control means happier group members!

4. Members can avoid endless email chains

We’ve all had that inbox that kept dinging with incoming group messages. We’ve suffered through those long, reply-all emails with information that was only occasionally relevant. We thought we had to accept these inconveniences in the name of technology and communication. Now those days are gone!

Clear, straightforward team communication is just another reason your group members will love Unison. Better yet, members can customize how they want to hear from you and how often. Your members will appreciate gaining control of their inboxes and having customizable notification options at their fingertips.

5. Members have a voice in decision making

With polls, signups, and RSVPs, your users will love the ability to add value to group planning and decision making. They can help determine the best times for meetings, collaborate on t-shirts designs, and assist with brainstorming topics for the next group discussion. Instead of living on the receiving end of important decision making, now they can take part in the process.

Although it’s not always easy to get everyone on the same page, one thing is for sure — group members love the options and voice Unison gives them. Sign up for a free account and get started communicating with your group today.