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MSP User Spotlight: St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

Like most schedulers, Pamela Smith of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church often found herself digging through spreadsheets and email chains to create ministry schedules. Her ongoing task was to coordinate 2-3 weekly Acolyte schedules for 12-36 Acolytes. After completing a schedule, Pamela found a postcard in the mail about Ministry Scheduler Pro, so she decided to give the MSP a try.

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The MSP Web Terminal: An Improved Mobile Experience

Notice a difference when checking your schedules from your mobile device? Read on to learn more about the new Ministry Scheduler Pro Web Terminal mobile experience changes and how you stand to benefit!

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Go Beyond Volunteer Scheduling: Create a Culture of Service

How can you create a culture of service at your church? Beyond recruiting, engaging, and scheduling volunteers, it’s important to ensure that service is embedded in the life of your church. Try implementing some of these ideas when deciding how to help church members see service as the norm.

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How to Use Summers to Revive Your Ministries

Don’t let the summer fly by without using it to your advantage. Use this summer to let your church volunteers know you appreciate them! Use it to recruit new volunteers, train people, and find new ways to work with other ministries. Take advantage of June, July, and August to bring new excitement, knowledge, and volunteers to the important work being done at your church.

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MSP User Spotlight: Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic Church

The people of Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic Church have been coming together to worship, learn, and support each other for nearly 150 years. Today, with 300 volunteers and 10 ministries to organize, ministry scheduling is central to the life of the church.

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3 Ways to Show Appreciation to Church Volunteers

Whether volunteers work on a one-time community service project or dedicate their time to regular, scheduled ministries in the church, taking time to make sure your volunteers feel appreciated is vital to creating a thriving volunteer program. So how can you show volunteers that you appreciate them? Although the options are endless, here are three ideas to consider as you begin to incorporate gestures of appreciation into your ministries.

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