What Brought Us to Rotunda

Rotunda started with humble beginnings over 15 years ago. Today, we have a tight-knit company culture with 16 team members and close relationships with several contractors. We’ve come a long way since the early 2000’s, and the circumstances that brought many of us to Rotunda are far from random. Here are the stories of how each of us found Rotunda:

Love for the products

Raina was in charge of scheduling hundreds of volunteers at her church. Looking for a tool to solve her scheduling challenges, she discovered MSP and fell in love with the program. Having experienced the positive impact that MSP can make in the lives of schedulers, she applied for a position at Rotunda and joined the Support team in 2014.

Patti was actively involved in scheduling ministry volunteers at her church, where she also sings in the choir. She met Max (Rotunda's President) at a National Association of Pastoral Musicians conference and learned about MSP. She loved the program and quickly spread the word to her network. Rotunda’s focus on improving schedulers’ lives convinced Patti to join the Sales and Support team in 2016.

Serving the nonprofit community

Dominique knew she wanted to continue her career in a mission-driven organization with a strong and supportive work environment. After a month-long interview process where she learned about the company and client base, Dominique was convinced that Rotunda was the perfect place to put her values into action. She joined the Support team in 2018.

Yasya had been working with nonprofit organizations in a leadership and organizational development capacity when she saw the Operations Manager position in 2016. Continuing to work with mission-based clients while having an opportunity to streamline and systematize a small and agile company’s operations fit right into Yasya’s career path.

Teaching others to leverage technology

Jack knew his career path included teaching people how to use complex software. Though he didn’t have a background in volunteer management, he was excited to work with like-minded people in a position that offered plenty of opportunity for growth. Jack joined the Support team in 2016, and continues to get a lot of satisfaction from demystifying MSP and VSP for schedulers.

Phoebe had applied for a position at Rotunda while still in college, earning a degree in information technology. Unfortunately, at that time her class load wasn’t conducive to having a full-time job. After graduating, Phoebe reached back out to Rotunda and learned about a position on the Support team. She applied once again, and quickly joined the team in 2018.

Flexible, values-aligned work environment

Alicia had been close friends with Raina for years when she learned that Rotunda was looking for a part-time team member. Hearing how much her friend enjoyed her job, Alicia applied. Seeing that Rotunda’s values fiercely aligned with her own, and knowing that working from home would be a good fit, Alicia joined the team as an Onboarding Specialist in 2017.

Katie was thrilled to discover an opportunity to spearhead marketing efforts at a “tech for good” company that worked closely with both churches and nonprofits all while supporting a strong remote work culture. Seeing the close alignment of the role with her interests and the flexibility it offered, she accepted the Marketing Guru position in 2017.

Kevin spent much of his career working in sales, and knew he loved to help people discover new products. He applied for a Sales position at Rotunda in 2018, and immediately felt that the positive, supportive team culture was just right. Once he heard about the types of clients he would interact with, and the truly helpful products he would represent, he was sold.

Building innovative products

Javier started with Rotunda through a relatively small infrastructure project in 2013. That project proved so rewarding that his work snowballed into a full-time Lead Developer position. Javier loves to innovate existing products (MSP and VSP) while building a new one from scratch (Unison) and constantly improving Rotunda’s infrastructure.

Gonzalo wanted a position that would allow him to gain experience with full-stack development, instead of just a small piece of the code. When he heard about Rotunda, he was excited to work with a small team committed to continuous innovation. He joined the Development team in 2016, and loves the challenge of building products that make a positive impact in the world.

Rotunda’s core team also includes Dave and Max, who’ve been leading the company since it’s humble beginnings, Jonathan who works as a developer with Rotunda part-time, and Emily and Joaquin, who joined the Sales and Development teams (respectively) in early 2019.