New Feature: Approve volunteer changes from anywhere!

Who this is for: Web Admins

What this does: Streamline how you process your volunteer changes by accessing Web Forms from any mobile or web-enabled device! Now you can approve Web forms without waiting to return to your desk, so you can quickly fill positions. You can even reply via email to the volunteer who submitted the form. Plus, by processing profile changes as they come in, you know you're working with the most up-to-date volunteer contact info, service preferences, and away dates when scheduling!

Web Forms pane

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Special shout out to: Beau, Nico, and Martin, members of our internal testing and development team. Realizing that schedulers may need to pay special attention to forms that contain comments before processing, they created the new 'comment' icon you'll see in the forms list to note just that. Thanks to Beau's attention to detail, and the creativity of Martin & Nico, you'll never miss the forms that might need a little extra attention!