Ministry Scheduler Pro: A Focus on Sharing

As many involved in churches know, sharing is at the heart of any faith community. From learning doctrines and observing traditions to sharing life milestones, churches are a global representation of what it means to learn and grow together.

One of the greatest benefits for Ministry Scheduler Pro (MSP) users is that the same spirit of sharing that thrives in churches spills over into the MSP community. When it comes to tackling a challenge like ministry scheduling, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, but the MSP community has proven that “many hands make light work," as John Heywood stated. Here are just a few examples of how the MSP community focuses on sharing:

Sharing best practices

"Thank you very much for the webinar today. It's really helpful for us to care for our volunteers' time in the special Holy Days. Thanks again." — KP, Our Lady of Fatima (Modesto, CA)

While adopting MSP is an important first step to streamline ministry scheduling, it’s imperative that users understand how to leverage the software. To ensure MSP users know how to employ best practices for ministry scheduling, the MSP team hosts live training webinars and emails monthly tips.

Sharing ministry experience

"You are the BEST web support group I have ever encountered." — Mary Williams, Sacred Heart Catholic Church (Reedsburg, WI)

The MSP Google Group is an active group of ministry schedulers and MSP Support team members who share questions, tips, workarounds, and their own ministry experiences for the benefit of others. The expertise within the group is valuable for those who are anxious to learn and an excellent platform for those who wish to share.

Sharing opportunities

"MSP is such a great scheduler system. I would recommend it to anyone who asks." — Joe Kest, ST. Patrick of Heatherdowns Church (Toledo, OH)

Often, MSP users share their experience of using MSP so other ministry schedulers can reap the benefits of streamlined scheduling. The MSP Referral Program was created to support this goal. Users can share their unique MSP Referral Code with other churches so when a church purchases a new MSP license with the referral code, they’ll save 10 percent and the referring church will automatically receive a $25 credit on their next renewal.

Want to learn more about these opportunities or become a part of the MSP community? Contact Support or sign up for a 30-day free trial to get started!