Case Study: Integrating MSP with Servant Keeper at First Presbyterian in Franklin, TN

Jerry Houston has been scheduling volunteers for ministries at First Presbyterian Church in Franklin, Tennessee, for 10 years but only recently discovered Ministry Scheduler Pro. Before that, he and his fellow church staff went through other church management systems (CMS) before beginning a thorough search for a CMS and ministry scheduling software that would fit their needs well.

After all, First Presbyterian, while not an exceptionally large faith community, is a very active one. Of its 800 registered and 450 active members, nearly 300 regularly volunteer for the church’s 20-plus ministries. Jerry, a volunteer himself, needed a system that provided many options, features, and flexibility to do his job as efficiently as possible.

Among the recommendations they received from other area churches was for Servant Keeper, which they ultimately selected after performing due diligence and taking an online seminar on its use. So when Jerry brought up the church’s ministry scheduling needs, the folks at Servant Keeper referred him to Ministry Scheduler Pro.

“Keeping track of volunteers is my main area of interest at the church, so I was super interested,” said Jerry. First, Presbyterian purchased both Servant Keeper and MSP simultaneously, and Jerry started learning MSP in December 2021 before its full launch in January. While the office manager runs Servant Keeper and Jerry operates MSP; the two serve as each other’s backup.

What really amazes Jerry is how his volunteers and congregation have adapted to MSP. “I was surprised how quickly our older population started to use it,” he said. The MSP Mobile App has been particularly helpful as it allows volunteers to more easily communicate among themselves for matters such as finding subs without going through their group leaders.

Jerry affirmed that MSP and the ability to sync data with Servant Keepers has been an enormous blessing. “MSP has saved us a lot of administrative time and has allowed us to diversify the volunteer leadership,” he pointed out. “We found the reporting capability and volunteer management in all our previous commercial software to be inadequate for what we needed. We have found Servant Keepers and MSP to provide nearly everything we need, especially MSP.”

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