Our story

Bootstrapped and profitable from our humble beginnings in Buenos Aires, Rotunda started as a hobby project and just kept collecting momentum. We are proud of our many happy customers, our philanthropic orientation, and our open source contributions. But it's our shared values that make Rotunda unique. Laid back and positive, while maintaining our focus on quality and service, we are a close-knit group of professionals on a quest to work and live well.

Our mission
Help people do good things.
Our people
We're a bunch of travel nuts and technology enthusiasts committed to solving the challenges associated with organizing groups of people.
David Beck
Also an accomplished developer, David studied Computer Science at UCSD, where he met Max. If he is not pouring his soul into Rotunda projects, he is probably surfing or out of the country.
Maxwell Garcia
Max has visited every corner of the globe, and has called places as far flung as Armenia home. Chronically positive, you are likely to find him hiking, biking, or camping in torrential downpours.
Javier Viola
Lead Developer
Keeping things real from Buenos Aires, there is not a piece of our tech stack in which Javier has not dipped his fingers. His Argentinian optimism is as sure as his calm under pressure. Must be something in the mate.
Raina Hanson
Director of Technical Support
Raina was one of our favorite clients until she decided to switch teams. With a dual degree in theology and mathematics, and a contagiously positive attitude, she helps schedulers traverse the curve between intention and implementation.
Patti Such
Onboarding Specialist
The very definition of a people-person, Patti can charm the pants off just about anyone. After being a client of Rotunda’s, we were lucky enough to get her to join our team. When she’s not helping save the day, you can find her singing at her church.
Gonzalo Espinosa
Full Stack Developer
Contracting from afar, Gonzalo came to Rotunda seeking a challenge and a place to make a mark. He has proved to be a human-sized sponge, sucking up projects as quickly as we can lay them down, leaving behind shiny, immaculate surfaces.
Yasya Berezovskiy
Operations Manager
We like to think of Yasya as the glue that holds us together. From cruffins to concerts, Yasya’s love of food, travel, and music is only matched by her drive to get things done.
Alicia Sturdy
Onboarding Specialist
When she isn't taking pictures, raising her family, and volunteering at church, Alicia spends her time helping schedulers find practical solutions to real-life issues. With her cheerful disposition and ability to ask great questions, she gets to the heart of a problem and solves it!
Jack Lansing
Client Service Specialist
The fastest graduate of “Rotunda Training University,” Jack is one smart cookie! After making the jump from hardware to software support, he joined our team and his calm demeanor and attention to detail keeps our clients on track.
Katie Davidson
Marketing Guru
Katie uses her love of communication to make sure the world knows about Rotunda’s awesome products. In addition to writing, Katie enjoys spending time with her family, finding new restaurants, planning fun getaways, and indulging in the latest TED talks.
Phoebe Inviere
Client Service Specialist
Phoebe joined the team after finishing up her schooling in IT and a stint caring for canines. She has an eye for details, and knack for helping clients solve puzzles. Looking for tips on how to stay focused? Ask Phoebe about binaural beats!
Kevin Cosgrove
Sales Development Rep
A transplant from the Windy City, Kevin embraced the warmer climates of Southern California without losing his mid-west charm. A straight shooter that always keeps clients' best interests in mind, he's a hard guy to say no to. You haven't lived 'til you've tried Kevin's cupcakes.
Dominique Hawkins
Client Service Specialist
With a background in nonprofit program management, Dominique's patience and easy-going attitude make her a natural fit for the Tech Support team. Word around the water cooler is that if anyone can win at animal-trivia, it's Dominique, with her wealth of strange animal knowledge!
Emily Lutz
Onboarding Specialist
As a former volunteer scheduler, Emily experienced first-hand the benefits of Rotunda's products. Now she's on a mission to help others do the same. When Emily isn't busy roller skating or playing the clarinet, you can find her searching for that missing piece of cat decor.
Our values
What we do matters
Focus on service
Exceed expectations
Be honest
Ideas rule
Work to live
In keeping with our mission, we support non-profit organizations that do good work. Know of any that should be on this list? Please let us know.
We love making software. Whenever possible, we share our building blocks so other people can benefit. Speak our language? Get in touch.
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Interested in working with us?
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