The term volunteer refers to any person you have listed in your database. You can optionally change the label used for volunteers by going to the Edit menu at the top of VSP and choosing “Change label used for “Volunteers”…”

There are three main ways to enter volunteers into your VSP database:

  1. Import existing volunteers’ contact information from a .csv file (or a supported management software).
  2. Allow volunteers to enroll using VSP’s enrollment form.
  3. Enter your volunteers’ information manually.

The Volunteers pane of VSP contains a list of all the people you will be scheduling at your shifts. The buttons and options of this pane are explained below.

The main section of the Volunteers pane is a scrollable list of all the volunteers in your VSP database. At the top of the list, you will see the number of total volunteers, and the number of “Dormant” volunteers. A volunteer is dormant if he or she has neither been scheduled nor submitted a change to his or her profile on the Web Terminal in the past three months. When considering the size of your VSP subscription, the program is only counting non-dormant volunteers.

New Volunteer…

Click this button to create a new volunteer record by manually entering the volunteer’s information.

Edit Volunteer…
Click on a volunteer’s name and click the “Edit Volunteer…” button to edit or view that volunteer’s profile information.

Delete Volunteer…
Click on a volunteer’s name and click the “Delete Volunteer…” button to delete that volunteer’s record. Note that deleting a volunteer removes all record of that volunteer from VSP, including their scheduled assignments and scheduling history. If you still need to run reports on a volunteer or look up their information, it is not recommended to delete their profile.

Quick view
This section of the Volunteers pane displays certain information from the selected volunteer’s profile, to make it easy for you to see at a glance. You can configure which profile fields are included in the Quick View by clicking the word “customize” and selecting the desired fields.

List Options
The checkboxes in this section allow you to filter the Volunteers list to show just volunteers who meet specific criteria, such as those who belong to a certain job.

  • “Only show” will begin setting up a filter.
  • “Name contains” will only show volunteers who have a certain (full or partial) first or last name.
  • “Are qualified” allows you to only show volunteers qualified in that job.
  • “Other filter | specify…” allows you to filter by other criteria, such as unavailable times or custom fields. Click on the word “specify” to see the advanced filtering options that are available. These options are covered in more detail in Appendix B – Guide to Filtering.
  • “Sort volunteers by last name,” and “List volunteers last name first,” in the lower right corner of this screen will change the way volunteers are listed both on this screen and throughout the entire program.