To set the way the Auto-Scheduler handles shift preferences, preferred serving frequency, family groupings, and non-regular shifts, go to the schedule menu at the top of the screen and select “Scheduler Settings…”

Shift Preference Options
Decide if the order of a volunteer’s shift preferences is taken into account by the Auto-Scheduler.

Serving Frequency Options
Decide how the Auto-Scheduler takes into account preferred serving frequencies and if there is a minimum number of days between when any given volunteer can serve.

Family Grouping Options
Decide how families are treated by the Auto-Scheduler.

Non-Regular Shift Options
Decide how the Auto-Scheduler treats non-regular or special shifts.

Historical Data

Historical data is the program’s record of when a volunteer last served and how often they have served in the past. By deleting the historical data, the Auto-Scheduler will no longer take into consideration past schedules when placing a volunteer in the schedule. You can choose from the following options:

  • Clear all historical scheduling data will ignore previous schedules for all volunteers.
  • Clear one volunteer’s historical scheduling data will only ignore previous schedules for the selected volunteer(s).
    Please note that scheduling data from one volunteer can affect other volunteers as well, so clearing only one or several volunteers may not achieve the desired results.

Running the Auto-Scheduler

To auto schedule volunteers:
1. Click the “Auto Schedule” button in the upper right hand corner of the open schedule.
2. Next, select which positions you would like to fill. (Click “Show more options” to see all of your options as listed below.)

  • All remaining empty positions in this schedule
  • All empty positions in just particular jobs…
    Click “Continue” to specify jobs and optionally limit shifts, as well.
  • All empty positions except for those in non-regular shifts (yearly or one-time-only)
  • All empty positions in shifts I select or during a time period of my choosing…
    Click “Continue” to specify shifts or time period.
  • All empty positions in just the selected day
    Day must be selected prior to clicking on “Auto schedule.”
  • All empty positions in just the selected shifts
    Shifts must be selected prior to clicking on “Auto schedule.”
  • The selected empty positions
    Positions must be selected prior to clicking on “Auto schedule”. Hold down Ctrl/⌘ or Shift key to select multiple positions.

3. Click “Commence Scheduling” to run the Auto-Scheduler.

The Auto-Scheduler may be run more than once to schedule one job or time period at a time.

Remove all “Auto” assignments

The auto scheduled positions can be completely removed by clicking the “Schedule” menu at the top of the screen and selecting, “Remove all ‘auto’ assignments…”