VSP has the ability to import and synchronize information from some management software. VSP integrates with the same management programs as its sister program, MSP. VSP currently supports two-way integration with Servant Keeper® and one-way integration with ACS, Access ACS, Parish Data System™ (PDS), ParishSOFT®, Logos, PowerChurch, and more.

Follow these steps to synchronize volunteers with a supported church management program:

  1. Go to the File menu of VSP and choose “Synchronize volunteers with…” The first time you chose this option, you will be taken through at set-up a “wizard” that will ask you which church management software you use, where your database is located, and which volunteers you’d like to import and keep synchronized. If you have difficulty locating your church management database files, contact us and we will help you find the needed files.
  2. During the initial synchronization, you will be asked to select the jobs/groups/activities that you’d like to import from your church management software. You will then be asked to link them to the jobs that you have created inside VSP.
  3. Once you have done the initial sync, your volunteers inside VSP will be permanently linked to the appropriate members in your church management software. The next time you use the feature to synchronize your volunteer information, all the job qualifications and shift preferences inside VSP will be preserved, and the names, phones, addresses, etc. of each volunteer will be updated.