There are 4 ways to schedule volunteers.


When manually scheduling your volunteers, you will choose which volunteers should fill each position. To fill a position, click on the NOT FILLED position in the schedule. Use the Fill Positions or Place Volunteer Mode to select a volunteer for the open position.

Fixed repeating

Another way to add volunteers to the schedule is to have them on a repeating assignment. A repeating assignment schedules that volunteer in a fixed repeating pattern in a specific job. An assignment can be set to repeating for a volunteer, by clicking in their name in an assigned position in the schedule. A “repeats” bubble will appear (To view this bubble or hide it if you do not want to use it, go to the View menu and click “Show repeats bubble.”). To add a repeating assignment, click the checkbox in this bubble. You can then choose which days and how often this assignment repeats.

A video tutorial on this topic is also available.

Preassignments pane

Once you add a repeating assignment you can see a list of all repeating assignments in the Preassignments pane on the left side of the program (if you cannot see this pane, click the Edit menu at the top of the screen and select “Show all panes”). Any changes made in this pane will be made on the current schedule only if the schedule is open in the background.

New Preassignment
Click to create a new preassignment.

Edit Preassignment
Click to edit an existing preassignment.

Delete preassignment
Click to delete a preassignment.

Click to export a .csv document of all preassignments.

Filter preassignment list to show only those preassignments…
Click to filter the list of shown preassignments. These options are covered in more detail in the Appendix B: Guide to Filtering.

If you are scheduling repeating assignments for teams of volunteers, see Teams for additional options.

Self Sign Up

Volunteers can sign up for unfilled positions online through the Web Terminal. More information on this can be found in Web Terminal Settings under Enrollments and Assignments.


Auto Scheduling volunteers will take volunteers’ preferences (see Scheduling Parameters) into account to assign positions in the schedule. The Auto-Scheduler is only available with the Standard Edition of VSP.