VSP’s Rosterizer helps you to mine information about your volunteers and export that information into an Excel, Word, or Web Page document.

When first going to the Rosterizer pane on the left side of the program, you will see the following sub-panes located in the upper left-hand corner. Each of these sub-panes controls which information will be provided in the generated roster and can be customized as indicated in this chapter.

Each page of the Rosterizer also contains the following controls at the bottom:


  • Field Options…
    Allows you to bring up the Field Options for the fields included in your roster. See more in Included Fields.
  • Save Settings…
    Choosing this option will allow you to save the current roster settings so that you can use them again later. Please be sure you do not save to the Program Files folder on your computer or you may lose the saved settings later. Note: You are saving these settings to locally to your computer to your desktop or Documents folder, for example. They are not being saved to the cloud.
  • Load Settings…
    Load a saved roster settings file.
  • Clear settings…
    The Rosterizer will always display settings from the last roster produced. If you wish to return to your default settings, use this option to begin a new roster from scratch.

Generate Roster (or Save Live Roster Post)
Click this button once all of your settings are in place to create and save your roster. If the button reads Save Live Roster Post, this means the Document Settings are selected to create a web page (.html) document and post to the Web Terminal.

Included Jobs

Only volunteers who are qualified for the jobs selected in this pane will be included in the roster.

Include all jobs
Include all volunteers in your roster, regardless of which jobs they are qualified for.

Include only these jobs (click to select)
Select to only include volunteers who are qualified for particular jobs. You may select one or more jobs in this list at a time.

Included Volunteers

You can further limit which volunteers are included in the roster based on the below settings.

Include all volunteers
All volunteers in the jobs selected above will be included.

Include only volunteers passing | this filter…
Only volunteers included in the given criteria will be included in the roster. See Appendix B – Guide to Filtering for more information.

Include only volunteers that are selected below:
Optionally hand-select volunteers from the list of all volunteers to indicate which you want in your roster. You can use the shift or Ctrl/⌘ key to select multiple volunteers in this list.

  • “i” icon (volunteer info)
    When a single volunteer is selected in the list of volunteers, click this button to bring up the Edit Volunteer window for the selected volunteer. When multiple volunteers are selected, click to bring up the Edit Multiple Volunteers window.
  • Filter list | with…
    Allows you to sort the list of volunteers to easily be able to select from those that pass a certain criteria. See Appendix B – Guide to Filtering for more information.
  • Select all
    Select all of the volunteers in the list of volunteers.
  • Select none
    Select no volunteers in the list of volunteers.

Omit inactive volunteers
Will not include inactive volunteers in your roster.

Omit substitute volunteers
Will not include volunteers who are marked as “sub only” in a job in the roster.

Included Fields

Decide which information you’d like exported in the roster for the jobs/volunteers selected above.

Use Combo:
For quick set up, choose from one of our most common rosters:

  • Name, Phone
  • Name, Phone, Address
  • Name, Phone, Email
  • Name, Phone, Job Code
  • Name, Phone, Shift preferences
  • Name, Phone, Job Code, Shift preferences
  • Name, Preferred serving frequency
  • Name, Unavailable times
  • Name, Comments

Available Fields
This will list the fields available to you to choose to add to the roster.

Show common fields only
When this box is checked, only commonly used fields will appear. Uncheck this box to see all available fields.

Fields to Include (in order)
This list reflects the fields (and their order) that will be appear on your roster. To change the order of the fields, select a field in the column and drag it up or down as needed.

Show fields label in roster
Will label each row of your roster with the name of the field.

When a field is selected in the “Available fields” list, click “Add>>” to move to the “Fields to include” list.

When a field is selected in the “Fields to include” list, click to move to the “Available fields” list.

Clear List
When selected, will move all fields from “Fields to include” list to the “Available fields” list.

Field options…
Will allow you to set more parameters on each field. For more information, see Token Options, which are similar and have the same settings.

List Arrangement

Decide how you want your list to be displayed.

Group Volunteers
Choose to group volunteers into one long list or subdivide the list so volunteers are grouped by job.

Subdivide list(s) by first shift preference
Further divide the list based on a volunteer’s first listed shift preference.

Ignore prefs that don’t require the job being listed
If dividing by preference, ignore shifts where that job is not included.

List substitutes at end of list(s)
At the end of the roster, lists all volunteers who have the “sub only” box in the job checked.

List (included) inactive volunteers separately at end of list(s)
Lists all volunteers who match the search criteria of the roster, but are inactive, at the end of the list.

Sort volunteer list(s) by last name
Sorts volunteers in the list alphabetically by last name instead of by first name.

Name Modifiers

Choose other annotations as needed next to a volunteer’s name in the roster.

Put “(sub)” after the name of substitute volunteers
Denotes volunteers who have the “sub only” box checked for a job.

Put “(inactive)” after the name of inactive volunteers
Denotes volunteers who are marked as inactive in the system.

Underline the names of volunteers who pass | this filter…
Bold the names of volunteers who pass | this filter…
Asterisk the names of volunteers who pass | this filter…
Put the following after volunteers who pass | this filter… -> [symbol]
The filter options are covered in more detail in Appendix B – Guide to Filtering.

Document Settings

Choose the settings for the document type, title, header, and footer.

Choose to export in one of the following formats:

Choose the title that will show at the top of the exported Roster.

Add any text that you want to show below the title but above the roster list in the exported document.

Add any text that you want to show at the bottom of the roster list in the exported document. This is a great place to note the meaning of any name modifiers you chose.

Allows you to cancel the creating of the Roster. This is only available in the Live Roster Post mode.