At the top of the main Volunteer Scheduler Pro window, you will see 3 menu options: File, Edit, and Help.


Open Schedule
Brings you to the Schedule pane to open a saved schedule.

Open Recent Schedule
Allows you to choose from schedules that have recently been open on this computer.

Save Database
Saves any data you have changed since opening VSP.

Reload Database
Refreshes your database with the information on our servers.

Backup Database…
Allows you to save a backup file of your database locally to your computer.

Rebuild Database
Rebuilds the database and makes sure all of the data is consistent.

Import Volunteers…
Allows you to upload a .csv or .txt file of volunteers to import or update their information in VSP. See more on this in Importing Volunteer Information.

Synchronize Volunteers with…
Allows you to synchronize your volunteers with certain volunteer management systems. For more information on synchronizing, see Synchronize Volunteers With External Management Software.

Password Protect VSP
Allows you to set a password so that anyone who tries to access VSP on this computer will need permission to enter the program. This is a separate password from your administrator password, which you used to set up this subscription.

Allows you to quit the program.


Removes the last text-based change you made to the program in the Emailer or Web Terminal panes.

For any selected text, removes the text and stores it in your clipboard for later use.

For any selected text, copies the text and stores it in your clipboard for later use.

For any text in your clipboard, places text into the field where you are pasting.

Deletes all selected text.

Set scheduling style…

Choose between scheduling for annual or one-time events, or scheduling for weekly or daily ongoing commitments. The main differences between these two options are as follows:

  • When scheduling for events, “shift preferences” and “preferred serving frequency” are not shown in the Edit Volunteer window.
  • When scheduling for events, your Enrollment URL will show in place of the Web Terminal URL under the Home tab of the Web Terminal pane.
  • When scheduling for events, a pop up window will appear when creating a new schedule asking you “Would you like to extend the shifts you created previously to this schedule? If not, you’ll start with a blank skeleton that contains no services.”
  • Additionally, various help texts and prompts will appear differently throughout the program to help guide you based on the style you have chosen.

A video tutorial covering this topic is also available.

Change label used for “Volunteer”…
Allows you to change the word used for Volunteer throughout the system.

Change label used for “Jobs”…
Allows you to change the word used for Jobs throughout the system.

Change label used for “Shifts”…
Allows you to change the word used for Shifts throughout the system.

Show all panes
Shows all of the panes that do not automatically show when VSP is opened. (Teams, Families, Preassignments)

Turn on Magnification
Magnifies the text within VSP.


Quick Start Guide…
Brings you to our online Quick Start Guide, which will take you through a condensed version of the basics of setting up VSP.

Online Documentation…
Brings you to the online version of the Complete Documentation for VSP (this document).

Video Tutorial for Volunteers…
Brings you to an online video to help volunteers get acquainted with VSP.

Send Data Files to Tech Support…
Sends in your data files and allows you to compose a short message to tech support to ask for help. Please be as specific as possible when sending in questions, including the names of any volunteers, jobs, shifts, schedules, or posts where you are having trouble. This way, tech support can look through your exact files and give you advice based on your set-up, rather than offering general tips without seeing your screen.

Auto-Install Updates
When checked, updates for VSP will automatically be installed when they are released.

Check for Updates Now…
Allows you to check to see if any updates are available.

Gives information on VSP such as the version, rights, and links to the website and tech support.