You can print mailing labels within VSP to easily contact volunteers through the postal system. This can be especially helpful in staying in contact with volunteers who do not have internet access!

Mailing labels are generated as an *.rtf (Microsoft Word) document. When printing the labels, you will need Avery style 5160, 5260, 8160 labels or a similar substitute. The size of each label is 1”x2.63” and there are 3 columns of 10 labels on each page.

Included recipients

Choose from the following options:

Include all volunteers
Creates mailing labels for all of the volunteers in the database.

Include only these jobs
Allows you to select to only create mailing labels for volunteers in a specific job. To select multiple jobs, simply click where the jobs are listed to add additional jobs.

Include only these volunteers (click to select)
Select specific volunteers from the list of all volunteers. You can use the shift or Ctrl/⌘ key on your keyboard to select multiple volunteers.

  • Filter list | with…
    Use this option to filter the list of volunteers based on any information in the system. Please see Appendix B – Guide to Filtering for more information.
  • Select all
    Select all of the volunteers in the list shown.
  • Select none
    Select no volunteers in the list shown.

Additional parameters

Do not include volunteers who have internet access
This will prevent volunteers who have email addresses from being included in the list of labels. This is great if you are emailing a bunch of volunteers and only want to use postal mail to reach those without internet access.

Do not include inactive volunteers
This will omit inactive volunteers from the list of labels.

Make only one label for all members of a family sharing the same address
This will allow you to send one piece of mail to all individuals in a family (using the family name) that share a home address, thus reducing the amount of items to mail.

Sort labels by ZIP code and calculate totals (for bulk mailings)
This will sort the labels by zip code and also give you a pop up message with the number of labels in each zip code after your labels are generated so you have a better idea of how much postage you will need.

Generate Labels
Click this button to generate the labels. You will be asked to save them to your computer and then the document will open automatically so you can easily print.