Case Studies

EMS Agencies

"The ability to put people on repeating assignments is outstanding. It makes the scheduling process so much easier." Read more

Perfomring Arts
Performing Arts

"[Setting up] was ZERO effort on my part other than composing an introductory email with a web link enclosed. It was exactly what we needed. We were going for minimal man hours, with the most features available." Read more

Megan Lembcke
Highland Park School District PTA

“Our principal is really on board with VSP - he’s going to mandate that all the teachers use it, and I think the parents will be really excited about that.” Read more

Rick Zelinsky
The Salvation Army North Toronto

"Using VSP allows us to more effectively and efficiently organize our volunteers and allows them to schedule themselves seamlessly." Read more

Shanna Snider
Respond & Rebuild

"Coordinating volunteers in disaster response creates a lot of chaos… By having a scheduling system like VSP, we're able to tap into that enthusiasm in a much more organized way." Read more

Vicky Bell
Ronald McDonald House of Northwest Florida

"VSP has really helped us with consistency, with time, and with flexibility for the volunteers." Read more

St. Benedict Catholic Church Adoration

"It takes me 5 minutes [to create a schedule], if that [with VSP]. I used to do my scheduling manually and it took me days!"
Read more

David Forsythe
Panorama Resident Council Transit

"VSP has brought people more in touch with the whole process of being part of the volunteer organization." Read more

Paul Bricker
Mission Inn Foundation

"Rotunda Software has been great to work with and consistently reaffirm we made the right choice when we selected VSP for our scheduling package." Read more

Jackie Lorens
St. Vincent de Paul Parish Soup Kitchen

"People are so willing to volunteer and VSP makes it easy to work around other commitments." Read more

Pam Ferguson
Shepherd's Hope Neighborhood Health Center

"VSP knocked my time needed for scheduling from 30 hours a week down to a maximum of five hours a week... That's been great!" Read more

Brian Steeves
The Lennox Club

"There's no comparison to the old way of doing it. VSP makes the scheduler's job super easy." Read more