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What’s New in MSP 7?

Custom Fields, Mobile App, Blast Texts, and more!

The latest release of Ministry Scheduler Pro helps churches connect with their volunteers! With exciting new features like custom fields, a smartphone app, and blast texts, MSP 7 brings users most requested features to life. Here’s what’s new:

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Three tips on rolling out MSP

So you’ve made it past the first big hurdle – getting Ministry Scheduler Pro approved at your church. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by what comes next, take a few tips from Krista Kutz, Director of Liturgy at Old St. Pat’s in Chicago, as she shares how to ensure a smooth transition to ministry scheduling with MSP.

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Sunday Prayers now available online!

In addition to helping you spend less time on the little things, Ministry Scheduler Pro now makes it easier than ever for your ministers to nourish their faith, with automatic access to Sunday’s Gospel and reflections from Liturgy Training Publications!

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Ministering to Technophobes

I talk to ministry schedulers every day, and the most common question they ask is “How can I accommodate my volunteers who don’t use computers?” In this technology-driven age, it’s important not to forget about those volunteers who don’t feel comfortable on a computer (or don’t have access to one).

Here are some best practices, shared by ministry schedulers like you, for reaching out to your more technophobic volunteers:

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Three Tips to Prepare Volunteers to Serve

With Ministry Scheduler Pro’s service and liturgy planner, it’s easier than ever to share important resources and information with volunteers to help them prepare to serve! Here are three ways to help tip your volunteers off to these valuable resources:

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Scheduling Software: What’s in it for me?

Getting all the important stakeholders on board with any change is tough. But by explaining how each person stands to gain by using ministry scheduling software, you can minimize resistance and use technology to improve the way your church does ministry.

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Less Busy Work, and More of What Matters

Whether you’re a mega-church of 10,000+ families or a smaller operation, you’ve probably faced the headache-inducing challenge of scheduling volunteers to help out at services. Click on a case study below to see how churches of all shapes and sizes have used a ministry scheduling tool that takes care of the busy work and frees them up to do the more important work of ministry.

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Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts

Nearly 300 people signed up for today’s webinar on ministry scheduling tips, tricks, and shortcuts to cure scheduling headaches. We’ve compiled the top tips below to help you get the most out of your scheduling software, or you can check out the full recording of the webinar.

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Volunteer Scheduling: Fairy Tale Version

Once upon a time, in a land of flawless ministry scheduling, Bob the scheduler received dozens of emails and phone calls from his volunteers. Were they calling to complain about the latest ministry schedule? Far from it! The volunteers raved about the wonderful, interactive schedule, and thanked him for all his hard work.

With Ministry Scheduler Pro, this fantasy world is a reality. Check out the real-life feedback new MSP user Bob Marshall has been getting from his volunteers since rolling it out last week!

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Fears of going online

Separate fact from fiction (from fear) when it comes to online scheduling

Have you ever thought about switching to an online volunteer scheduling system, but hesitated to make such a big change? You’re not alone. You may be concerned that it will be a lot of work to get started, or that your volunteers aren’t tech savvy enough to take advantage.

We talked to Deacon Bob Walling of St. Francis of Assisi, who shared his experience and tips for fellow ministry schedulers who are scared to take the leap.

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