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New videos help volunteers view and update schedules online.

Check out these new, easy-to-follow video tutorials that clearly instruct your volunteers on how to view and update their schedules online.

1)      Using the Web Terminal.

2)      How to update your preferences and availability online.

Transitioning to ministry scheduling software is a great way to save time, eliminate data entry work and increase volunteer accountability.  These benefits, however, assume that volunteers actually use the system.  The video tutorials, combined with the Web Terminal’s user-friendly design, will ensure volunteers are successful going online for the first time and feel comfortable coming back.

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Ministry Scheduler Pro 6: Welcome to the Cloud!

Last week’s release of Ministry Scheduler Pro 6.0 completed the transition to a cloud-based scheduling model. This new version takes a bold step into the future of online scheduling by combining the speed and flexibility of traditional installed software with the benefits of web based software, like simultaneous, multi-user access. Now all your ministry leads can be inside MSP at the same time!

“Christmas came a little early this year,” says David Beck, founder and CEO of Rotunda Software. “We’re thrilled to offer our clients ministry software that uses the latest technology available at the same low price.”

The latest release keeps Rotunda at the forefront of technological advancements by moving to an iTunes-like cloud-based model built on the Amazon cloud. The new cloud server infrastructure is designed to last for decades, and will scale up dynamically as an organization grows.

Additional features included in Ministry Scheduler Pro 6 are speed gains of up to 50%, increased volunteer privacy options and 50% cheaper text messages. Based on the feedback, schedulers are thrilled with the new additions. By leveraging cutting-edge technology to make the program easily accessible and reliable, Rotunda is signaling its commitment to serving large organizations that depend on scheduling software to manage their volunteer base.

MSP 6.0 can be downloaded immediately and the best part of all: it’s free to all licensed MSP users!

MSP v6.0 Installation FAQ


My MSP shortcuts are not working! Why and how can I fix this?

The new version of MSP points to a new executable file, different than the previous version of the software. Any shortcuts or icons that had been made manually, such as pinning the icon to the task bar, will be linked to the old executable file and no longer work. First, you will want to delete the old shortcuts. Then from the Start menu locate the MSP program and right-click to pin to your start menu again or make a new shortcut.

NOTE: Shortcuts on desktops that are automatically made by MSP will not have a problem. If a shortcut leads to a dead end, follow the above procedure to re-create your shortcut.

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