Learn how to schedule shifts with Volunteer Scheduler Pro’s mobile app

When volunteers download the free app, they can log in to:

View their scheduled shifts…                                           Request a sub or access notes about the shift…


View and sign up for open positions…                              And submit away dates and profile information.


Want to see the app in action?

  1. Sign up for a 15-Day Free Trial.
  2. Open the free trial of VSP on your computer. Set up some jobs, shifts, volunteers and a sample schedule using the Quick Start Guide.
  3. Go to the Web Terminal pane on the left side of the program.
  4. Click the “Login as…” button in the bottom right corner. Single click on a name. Write down the username and password that you should see appear in bold below.
  5. Go to the Subscribe pane on the left side of the program and write down your Organization Web Identifier. This is known as your Organization ID in the app.
  6. Download the app on your iOs or Android device. Enter the Organization ID, Username, and Password you wrote down from the administrator program.
  7. Explore the app!*

Once you have the full version of Volunteer Scheduler Pro, you can easily send your volunteers all the information they need to log into the app using templates provided in VSP’s Emailer!

*Note: During a free trial, no emails or messages will be sent through the admin program or the mobile app.

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