Resources for Offline and “More Mature” Ministers

Do you have some volunteers who like things “the old way” and just aren’t ready to use technology? MSP can still help you save time and frustration when it comes to volunteer scheduling.

Identify your offline volunteers

First, for any volunteers who don’t feel as comfortable with computers, un-check the “has internet access” box in their profile. This way you can quickly identify the volunteers who cannot be reached by email.

Easily contact and collect preferences

To follow up with offline volunteers when it is time to enter in preferences, use MSP’s filtering tools to identify which volunteers you need to contact via phone or in person. Using the volunteer pane makes it easy; all of their information is stored the same way as the rest of the volunteers, and their number is listed right there so you can edit while you chat!

Print copies of the full schedule

Once the schedule is finalized, export the schedule and print it. This can be used to post in the church or hand out/mail to volunteers who won’t be accessing it online.

Give offline volunteers a printed copy of their schedule

When sending out the “schedule finalized” email to all of your volunteers, select “Print – Copies for those without internet access.” This will allow all volunteers to have a copy of their own schedule, either as an email or as a physical letter.

Increase font sizes

Have more mature volunteers who need a little extra help reading in larger font? Use the size menu in the Emailer to increase the font size before you print copies for those without internet access.

Or, help your mature volunteers who do use the Web Terminal by teaching them to increase the font size in their web browser. This is found in the settings area of the browser. Look for “zoom” or “magnification”.

Print Mailing Labels

And if you won’t see a volunteer at church to hand out the printed papers, use the Mailing Labels pane to print labels for those without internet access to send them in the mail.

Get help from Ministry Leaders

Designate lead volunteers as Ministry Leaders who are able to identify volunteers without internet who need a sub and can request a sub for them!


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