Reasons to attend the Getting Started with MSP webinar

If you are new to Ministry Scheduler Pro or if you have been using the program for a while and want a refresher, this webinar is for you. In addition to going over the basics of the program, you will be pointed to helpful resources for each section of the presentation so you can get all of the information you need. Join us for this webinar to:

Learn best practices for setting up your database

In this webinar, you will learn how to set up your ministries, service times, and volunteers.  Having an overview of this process will give you a big picture of how set up works and allow you to map out what works best for your church. A thorough overview of setup will help ensure that your database is set up the right way from the start.

Discover ways to make and fill a schedule

MSP is a dynamic program that provides you with options for how to fill your schedule with volunteers. This webinar will walk you through all of these capabilities of the program and help you determine which one corresponds with how your church does scheduling.

Participate in a live Q & A

Ask our Head of Tech Support any questions you have about the program! If we do not get to your question live, we will make sure to email you with an answer .

Onboard new schedulers

If you have a second, third, or fourth person taking on some scheduling responsibilities, this presentation is a perfect way to introduce them to the program. You can show them this general overview before diving into the specifics.

If this webinar interests you but you are not available to watch it live, you can view the recorded copy afterward by checking the Webinars page.


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