3 Tips to Help Your Congregation THRIVE This Easter

Written by John Gilman II

Easter is just around corner, giving churches across the land the opportunity to snag a few “CEO” Christians. The affectionate moniker refers to people who attend church on “Christmas and Easter Only”. For many, it’s a chance to don their fanciest church attire and engage in the annual tradition of an Easter service. For church leaders, it’s a chance to make a genuine connection that could lead to life change, and few more committed members.

To make the most of Easter Sunday church members should be encouraged and empowered to engage in the service itself as well as the promotion of your special event.

The following are some specific examples, but are by no means the only great ideas out there. It might behoove you to poll your people to see what unique opportunities would fit your community.

Here are three easy tips to increase engagement in the vitality of the Spring season.

1) Hold a Concert

- Your worship band or choir works really hard every Sunday at something they love to do. Allowing them to showcase their passion also gives them a better reason to invite friends and family who might not normally attend. After the worship service, you could even consider having a Karaoke contest to get church members involved and connected.

2) Schedule a Spring Cleaning

- In addition to clearing out the clutter in your homes and church, donating items to a local charity or selling them in a fundraising event is a great way to get members and volunteers involved in a creative, cost-effective, and meaningful way.

3) Host a 5k run/walk in The Neighborhood

- Yet another great way to get members and friends involved outside of Sunday services in a non-threatening and life-giving event. This could be a great follow up to an Easter Sunday special service.

Whatever you do on and surrounding Easter, make an event out of it. When people gather together for a specific purpose they see how their involvement in a local congregation breathes vitality into the lives of others. That fulfillment leads to excitement, creating momentum to propel your church into new life.

Get your members involved in sharing the news by posting all your event information online. From there, they can post it to social media, share it on their feeds, and invite new people to help your church thrive in a fresh new season.

As you make the most of this Easter opportunity, remember, people are searching for real relationships with real people. The people and activities in your church might be just what they’re looking for.

This article was written by John Gilman II of ACS Technologies. John is the Senior Director of Marketing and is chiefly responsible for Marketing’s overall corporate strategy and direction. He has traveled the world many times over working with some of America’s top brands and prominent non-profit ministries. John is passionate about helping the church make disciples. Follow John on Twitter through @ACSTech.

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