The 2015 MSP stats are in…

To celebrate a great year here at Rotunda Software, we have compiled some of our favorite stats to share with you.


State With Most New MSP Users

Exciting to have so many new users in our backyard!

Number of App Downloads

In case that didn’t hit home, that’s over 24,000 volunteers who are engaging with ministry from their mobile phones!

Favorite New Feature

Full Schedules tab in the App for Ministry Leaders
More and more ministry leaders are engaging with the app now that they have the ability to view the Full Schedule on-the-go!

And More…

Most Visited New Resource

Web Terminal Guide for Volunteers

Most Watched Video Tutorial

Bird’s Eye Overview

City With Most MSP Downloads

Louisville, KY

Most Liked Facebook Post

Did you know that Mother Teresa is being considered for sainthood?

Favorite Lunch of the MSP Tech Support Team



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