Rotunda Giving Thanks


Sometimes, we at Rotunda Software look around and just can’t believe how lucky we are to work with such extraordinary volunteers and volunteer schedulers each and every day. This Thanksgiving season, we’d like to share our deepest thanks with you!

“Knowing that our products are used by people dedicated to helping others inspires me, and our entire company, to make the best tools we can for schedulers and volunteers. People working to serve their communities deserve the very best. Thank you for all you do!”
-David, CEO

“I am thankful for users’ feedback so we can continue to improve the software. There are very few things as satisfying as helping another person overcome a challenge.”
-Max, Partner

“I am thankful for schedulers who reach across generations to find and welcome volunteers of all ages!”
-Hannah, Director of Client Outreach

“I’ve been supporting MSP users for over seven years and it has everything to do with the energy and commitment that ministry schedulers bring to their work. Thank you for all you do!”
-Mikki, Director of Technical Support

“I am thankful to be able to work for a company that values volunteerism and helping others. I get to spend my day talking to people devoted to their communities!”
-Mallory, Client Services Specialist

“The hard work each of you puts into your ministry schedules is incredible! I feel so thankful to have a job where I help people who are working so passionately to build strong communities.”
–Raina, Client Services Specialist

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