Top 3 obstacles when implementing scheduling software …and how to overcome them!

If you’re considering scheduling software or are helping a church with their decision, the hurdles below probably sound familiar. Here are some tips we’ve learned from our users for how to get over them:


Budgets are real. We can’t spend more than what is available. Calculate the amount of time that MSP will save church staff, multiply it by the hourly wage of your average staff member, and present those findings to your finance committee. If your scheduler is a volunteer, remember that volunteer hours aren’t free. It takes staff time to oversee volunteers and those same volunteer hours could go to something that can’t be automated by software – like training volunteers! Show decision-makers how MSP can ultimately save the church valuable time and money – and improve overall morale!

Resistance to Change

Even the best ideas have their fair share of naysayers. That’s because people are most comfortable with what they already know. Consider trying the following approaches as you show your church members the ropes.

  1. Demonstrate the many benefits of using a new system and explain how each person stands to benefit! A training night at your church or a conference call with one of our agents can often assuage a lot of fears. Show them how they can interact with the software and break it down into easy steps.
  2. Present feedback from our current users. Hearing from others about how MSP has impacted their church makes the program more relatable.
  3. Pinpoint your church’s biggest struggles and explain how this new technology can fix those issues.

No Time to Implement

Set aside a little time each day to work with the program. Get command of the basics first by making it a goal to learn something new each time you sit down to work on MSP. You can even break it down by section using our Complete Documentation or Quick Start Guide. Consider delegating scheduling work by assigning responsibilities to Ministry Leaders and/or sharing the work with other administrators.

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