Top 3 Online Knowledge Base Questions… and Answers!

Ministry Scheduler Pro’s revamped Online Knowledge Base is the go-to resource for on-the-go schedulers.  The “OKB” includes hundreds of helpful articles about our ministry scheduling software but the following three questions stand out. Get ahead of the game and check out the answers to the top three most-asked questions!

I keep getting the error message “Empty response from server.” How do I solve this?

This message indicates MSP is unable to establish a connection to the internet. First, check to make sure your internet is working properly. If your internet is working, then a firewall is preventing MSP from accessing the internet. Try disabling your firewall software and then restarting.

How can I use the Distribution Report to add positions for volunteers in order to maintain balance?

First, you want to open the schedule you are working with and click on Reports (at the top of your screen) and then Distribution Report. Pick a volunteer who has too few assignments and double-click their name. On the right, you will see text that indicates a suggested replacement. You can either click “More>>” to see another option or “OK” to make the replacement.

How can I change a volunteer’s Web Terminal username and password?

You can change a volunteer’s username and password by going to the Web Terminal pane on the left side of the program and clicking on the “Login As…” button. When you single click on a volunteer name from the list that appears, you will see their username and password appear in bold below. You may change that username or password by clicking on the little arrows that appear to their right.

Have other MSP questions? Just type your question into the Online Knowledge Base and find tailored step-by-step responses.

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