Our Favorite Easter Flashmobs on YouTube

It’s always inspirational to hear how Christians around the world celebrate Easter. From attending service, to serving in your favorite ministry, to volunteering to help those less fortunate, to just spending time with family and friends, everyone has their own special way to joyfully celebrate the occasion.

One of the newer ways people have found to celebrate is by proclaiming their faith in a flashmob: a large, spontaneous gathering of people who perform a choreographed dance in a public place. Here are our favorite Easter flashmobs on YouTube:

1. Dance Your Shoes Off

This 2011 dance was performed by longtime Ministry Scheduler Pro users Second Baptist Church in Houston, TX! After the massive dance number, all the dancers’ shoes were left behind and donated to those in need.



2. Resurrection Sunday Dance

This flashmob from Easter, 2010 hails from Budapest, Hungary and was the inspiration behind Second Baptist Church’s dance. Even though the dancers are a world away, we think the message is universal!


3. Sydney Easter Parade

The crowd in this mob is a bit smaller, but they make up for it in energy and spirit! We like how they took a very popular radio hit and made its lyrics Easter Sunday worthy. It’s a praise party in the house tonight!


Will your Easter celebration be traditional or a bit more “out of the box”? Let us know (and share your favorite flashmob videos) in the comments!



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