New videos help volunteers view and update schedules online.

Check out these new, easy-to-follow video tutorials that clearly instruct your volunteers on how to view and update their schedules online.

1)      Using the Web Terminal.

2)      How to update your preferences and availability online.

Transitioning to ministry scheduling software is a great way to save time, eliminate data entry work and increase volunteer accountability.  These benefits, however, assume that volunteers actually use the system.  The video tutorials, combined with the Web Terminal’s user-friendly design, will ensure volunteers are successful going online for the first time and feel comfortable coming back.

We recommend sending volunteers the tutorial about updating availability before creating your next schedule. This will assist you in collecting and accommodating volunteers’ availability.  Once the schedule is complete, volunteers can refer to the Web Terminal tutorial which will teach them how to view their schedule and request and accept subs online.

The unedited feedback from volunteers shows how people are responding to online scheduling. If you and your volunteers are equally as enthusiastic, please remember that referrals are the number one method we have to help more churches. Take advantage of the referral program to save on next year’s maintenance fee!

And finally, these new videos are a direct result of your feedback. Please continue sharing your feedback on these tutorials by leaving a comment below. We look forward to your thoughts!


  1. Dan says:

    Thank you! Big improvement over the prior video tutorials. Now to get our volunteers to watch them BEFORE calling us for help ;-)

  2. Fr. Ed Brodnick says:

    This will be a gerat help to my parishioners. Even though I have explained each of these steps, following the video is SOOO much better. Thank you for you for your constant improvements to this service!

  3. Larry Fitkin says:

    Great Improvement to the previous video and I have some shy users that this should help.

  4. I agree wholeheartedly with Fr Ed.
    I have finally had the time to look at the 2 Tutorials and I say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You many times over. As much as I have tried to tell the ministers how to use MSP, they now can get it directly from MSP so much better than I can explain it to them. The visual presentation is great!!!!!!

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