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"MSP is one very objective metric that accounts for having much more people involved in ministry."
Brandon Kraft
University Catholic Center (Austin, TX)
"I really enjoy the ease of using MSP. It has saved me a ton of time in scheduling and I also save so much time using the Emailer."
Joyce Scheffler
Southwood Lutheran Church (Lincoln, NE)
"Sending personal emails with schedules has been so well received and improved participation. I am extremely happy with this product."
Maureen Yantz
St. Margaret Church (Bel Air, MD)
"MSP encourages a culture where people feel part of a team. It's all about enlisting people and building teams... It's been a huge paradigm shift for us."
Joan Hudson
St. Mark's United Methodist Church (Lincoln, NE)
"For any parish with more than twenty liturgical ministers, this program can save time, headaches, tensions, and promote efficiency, fewer errors, and happier ministers."
Joyce Zimmerman
Founding editor, Liturgical Ministry magazine
"So few products do what they claim from wrinkle cream to toilet bowl cleaner, so to find one that really does cut down on time, effort and frustration is wonderful."
Margie Whyte
St. Bruno Catholic Church (Whittier, CA)
"The ability to email schedules to the workers will be a tremendous asset as we continue to grow as a congregation."
Pastor Jason Pierce
Cornerstone Church (Bethalto, IL)
"MSP has been a wonderful addition to my tool chest... There is a much lower percentage of no-shows."
Mary Dupuis
Holy Spirit Catholic Church (Great Falls, MT)
"With MSP I have people volunteering for extra assignments. My volunteers are definitely more involved in their scheduling."
Richard Lepke
Hope Baptist Church (Las Vegas, NV)
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