"So few products do what they claim from wrinkle cream to toilet bowl cleaner, so to find one that really does cut down on time, effort and frustration is wonderful."

- Margie Whyte, St. Bruno Catholic Church (Whittier, CA)

Management Software  •  ParishSOFT

"For any parish with more than twenty liturgical ministers, this program can save time, headaches, tensions, and promote efficiency, fewer errors, and happier ministers."

- Joyce Zimmerman, founding editor, Liturgical Ministry magazine

"MSP has been a wonderful addition to my tool chest... There is a much lower percentage of no-shows."

- Mary Dupuis, Holy Spirit Catholic Church (Great Falls, MT)

Management Software  •  ParishSOFT

"I really enjoy the ease of using MSP. It has saved me a ton of time in scheduling and I also save so much time using the Emailer."

- Joyce Scheffler, Southwood Lutheran Church (Lincoln, NE)

Management Software  •  Shelby

"MSP encourages a culture where people feel part of a team. It's all about enlisting people and building teams... It's been a huge paradigm shift for us."

- Joan Hudson, St. Mark's United Methodist Church (Lincoln, NE)

Management Software  •  Shelby

"With MSP I have people volunteering for extra assignments. My volunteers are definitely more involved in their scheduling."

- Richard Lepke, Hope Baptist Church (Las Vegas, NV)

Management Software  •  Connection Power

"Sending personal emails with schedules has been so well received and improved participation. I am extremely happy with this product."

- Maureen Yantz, St. Margaret Church (Bel Air, MD)

Management Software  •  ParishSOFT

"The ability to email schedules to the workers will be a tremendous asset as we continue to grow as a congregation."

- Pastor Jason Pierce, Cornerstone Church (Bethalto, IL)

Management Software  •  Church Windows

"MSP is one very objective metric that accounts for having much more people involved in ministry."

- Brandon Kraft, University Catholic Center (Austin, TX)

Management Software  •  Raiser's Edge