Searching for a full stack developer into Javascript

Are you looking for a place where you can create something that is truly unique and helpful? Where you can find the spirit of a startup and the recurring revenue of a well-established organization?

We are a four person, 100% self-funded organization that has spent over 10 years creating scheduling software used by close to 2,000 churches and non-profits to streamline volunteerism. At the risk of tooting our own horn, people love our stuff, we love what we do, and we define what is possible in our chosen niche.

We are looking for a talented full stack developer with a passion for Javascript to help create a unique new product in the volunteer management space. This product, in addition to improving on existing volunteer management software, will enable non-profits, political campaigns, etc., to accelerate their growth by managing volunteer commitments much more efficiently than ever before possible.

We have found Javascript UIs built on frameworks like Backbone.js to be incredibly powerful, and much of this position will be advanced Javascript development on the client side. Knowledge of backend technologies, specifically MongoDB, Node.js, LAMP, and AWS will also be fully utilized. To the right candidate we offer a very competitive salary, medical coverage, your dream machine + a 30 incher, and a positive, flexible work environment. Growth in Y2Y revenue is a given, the future is wide open, and equity is also a possibility.

Our group of four consists of two college friends and two awesome young women. In our early days we were based in Buenos Aires. We love traveling and highly value work-life balance.

Sound up your alley? Get in touch. To apply send a resume and past work samples, with code, to . Sorry, we cannot consider applications without code samples.