Cloud Servers
Rotunda's cutting-edge cloud server infrastructure is fully scalable and highly reliable, so regardless of how big your organization grows, our web servers will always be fast and responsive. Moreover, since the infrastructure is highly reliable, even hardware failures or natural disasters will not cause service interruption for you or your volunteers.

Our servers are hosted inside the "Amazon cloud", and leverage this cutting-edge technology to its full potential. Every component is "redundant", meaning there are active spare replacements should it have any problems, and additional components can be added in real time when there are increases in usage. This ultra-modern, highly reliable and scalable design provides a rock solid foundation for the limitless growth of the organizations we serve.

Multiple, identical web servers process requests and serve web content in parallel. If one of these servers fails, the others can easily take over its work. The servers are connected inside the secure Amazon cloud to the secure Primary Datastore. By leveraging Amazon's cutting-edge RDS technology, this database can be upgraded in real time to more powerful hardware as needed. Moreover, the Primary Datastore is mirrored in real time to a second location. In the event that the Primary Datastore is corrupted or even completely wiped out, the real-time mirror will automatically take over with absolutely no interruption in service. As a final redundancy measure, additional backups of all critical data are created nightly and archived in a third location.
Your scheduling system will be there when you need it.
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