Cloud-Based Software
Rotunda builds its cloud-based scheduling software on a powerful iTunes-like cloud-based model that combines the benefits of traditional and web-based software. Rotunda uses this model because the complex problems of volunteer scheduling are solved most effectively by combining features that are particular to traditional desktop software and modern web-based software, leading to ultra-modern cloud-based software.
Just like iTunes, Rotunda programs include client software that is installed on the computers from which the program will be used. Generally there are one to five such administration computers in each organization that is using a Rotunda program. This sophisticated client software is able to provide an easy-to-use, fast and responsive interface for the program administrators. This interface communicates seamlessly with the Rotunda cloud servers, so that your database (volunteers, schedules, etc.) is kept synchronized. It just works.


Benefits of web-based software

24/7 web-based access to volunteer schedules

Simultaneous access for users in different locations

Automatic email and SMS message reminders

Cross-platform (Win/Mac) compatibility

Benefits of traditional software

Easy-to-use, fast and responsive interface

Integration with other programs (e.g. CMS)

Completes complex tasks quickly (like scheduling!)

Your volunteers access their schedules and submit changes through an easy-to-use web-based interface. When they log in to check their schedules online, their web browsers will connect directly with our servers (hosted in Amazon's cloud computing grid). It is also the Rotunda cloud servers that are responsible for processing requests made by volunteers in real time and for sending automatic email and text message reminders, even if the client software is closed on all of the administration computers.

This cutting-edge cloud computing model combines the features of installed client software and web-based software seamlessly to provide highly effective solutions for the complex problem of volunteer scheduling.
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